Lumut + Pantai Remis Weekend TripAlbum

📅 Oct 8, 2022

Lunch at Restoran Sun Kee (salted Chicken) · 1:30 PM

Reasonably priced. The salty chicken is average, Steam Pork Belly with Yam is nice, and the salty sweet potato is worth trying.

Visit at Perak Lumut Tai Seong Loh Koon Temple · 4:25 PM

Chinese temple in Army camp. Need to wear long pants to enter army camp.

Visit at Marina Island Jetty Complex · 5:36 PM

Marina and Jetty to Pulau Pangkor.

Stay at CK Hotel Lumut · 6:35 PM

Clean, simple and cheap hotel in Lumut.

Dinner at Villa Seafood Restaurant · 7:26 PM

RM 400 for 14 people. The food is nice.

📅 Oct 9, 2022

Breakfast at San Lun Che Kopitiam · 7:59 AM

Noodle and Nasi Lemak for breakfast.

Hike at Bukit Engku Busu trailhead · 8:31 AM

A simple hike, with a view of Lumut port and a red tree at the top.

Lunch at Lido Seafood Restaurant 丽都海鲜酒家 · 1:44 PM

Old Chinese restaurant in Sitiawan. Friends say the food is average. RM 424 for 14 person.

Visit at City Mangrove Park · 3:17 PM

Small and fairly interesting Mangrove park, but really a lot of Mosquitoes.

Visit at Tua Pek Kong Temple · 4:35 PM

A really huge Chinese temple ground by the sea, with really quite a lot to see, and a food court as well. It feels like a major tourist attraction in a small town (Sitiawan).

Dinner at Sate Opah ( Seri Manjung, Perak ) · 8:26 PM

RM 125 for 14 people. Decent satay in Town, chicken taste better than than mutton.