Klang 2024Album

📅 Jan 11, 2024

Breakfast at Chong Kok Kopitiam · 9:37 AM

A nice old school coffee place, with good local coffee. You come here mostly for the vibe, and enjoy simple but nice food.

Visit at Kota Raja Fire and Rescue Station · 10:28 AM

This is a fire station since 1950, and has a small but interesting museum. Sadly the fire engine was out on rescue mission during our visit.

Visit at Masjid India Muslim Tengku Kelana, Klang (MIMTK) · 11:00 AM

A beautiful Indian Muslim mosque nestled among Little India in Klang.

Lunch at Blackstone Bakery Cafe (Jalan Stesen 1) · 1:00 PM

A comfortable and nice cafe in Klang city center. Dirty Latte (RM 12) is pretty good and Avocado Unbaked Cheese (RM 15) is nice. There is also a handmade shop upstairs by local artists.

Lunch at Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House (Klang) · 2:24 PM

Love the Mee Hoon Kuih here, nice springy texture, tasty soup and really crunchy ikan bilis (maybe too salty).

Snack at Restoran Little Berkeley 百家利小吃店(虾饼) · 3:02 PM

Decent snacks at affordable price.

Buy at Fruity Bakery & Café · 3:30 PM

The apple strudel is RM 30.30 after tax, expensive but big portion and pretty delicious. We enjoy it very much.

Snack at Yao Yao Ping Restaurant | Restoran Yao Yao Ping · 3:58 PM

Nice yao yao ping, it is like a shake but feels more icy than liquid. The Bubur Cha Cha flavor is pretty interesting. Fried chicken is good too. Perfect place for afternoon dessert and snack.

Dinner at Restoran Perlama Seafood · 7:40 PM

The highlight should be the seafood porridge, fresh and tasty, RM 40 for 2-3 people. The crab is RM 150 per kg, about 1.3kg for minimum 2 crabs. The sweet and sour sauce was a bit disappointing, should have gone with sweet and spicy instead (wrong order by mistake). Crab meat is firm and nice. Coconut is also very good, very fragrant.

📅 Jan 12, 2024

Breakfast at Kedai Kopi Cheong Foh Cafe 昌和茶餐室 · 9:00 AM

This place seems very popular, with good coffee and toast. FKT and Wanton Noodle are acceptable.

Visit at Kwan Imm Temple Klang · 10:47 AM

Though not a huge place, the building design and architecture looks very nice. No photography allowed in the inside of the main building. There is a garden with a koi pond to take a break.

Snack at Klang Food Centre (Handmade Pau) 吧生小食馆 · 11:36 AM

The Curry Chicken (RM 6.30) is actually a bowl of curry chicken with potatoes wrap by a bao. It is nice and tasty, and it has many types of bun and seems quite popular.

Lunch at 巴生潮州炒粥 Restoran Bubur Goreng · 1:10 PM

Tasty and affordable fried porridge, filled with dried squid and yam. The meatballs are below average.

Dessert at Cendol & Rojak Bandar Bukit Tinggi · 3:33 PM

The cendol are pretty good and affordable, only RM 3 with options for various extra toppings.

Dinner at 「瓦煲虾伊面」 · 5:59 PM

This is prawn mee, but with Ee Mee and in a clay pot. Love the prawn mee soup, and the crunchiness of Ee Mee. The curry noodle in a clay pot is nice and fragrant as well. The Lala with Oyster is average.