Ipoh + Teluk Intan + Pusing 2023Album

📅 Jul 13, 2023

Breakfast at Choi Yuen Kedai Makanan · 9:55 AM

The dim sum here is definitely different from the ones in KL or Ipoh, it is sort of like small town flavour. If you are an adventurous foodie, you should give it a try. The shop has an old kampung nostalgic vibe to it. The Loh Mai Gai has a strong peanut flavour, and the fish ball is super firm. Siew Mai is mixed with turnip so it is crunchier, and Sang Yok Bao has an egg inside with a special sauce. Even the chilli sauce tasted different. The coffee also taste local. RM 20 for all these.

Dessert at Cendol Sungkai · 10:16 AM

The Cendol has a thick layer of syrup presentation, which then you can dilute it with the ice. The highlight would be the fragrance of the syrup. Cendol Biasa (RM 3)

Lunch at Kedai Kopi Ah Wah · 11:32 AM

Decent Mee Rebus, Curry Noodle and Coffee. RM 14.50

Stroll at River Front Teluk Intan · 12:28 PM

A children's playground park by the river. There is a tower which provides a good view of the river. Some locals take an afternoon nap here.

Visit at 清水宮 · 1:35 PM

A tiny temple by the riverside.

Dessert at Hawayi Teluk Intan · 1:50 PM

Lo Han Kuo (RM 5) is perfect on a hot weather day, not too sweet and comes with jelly made of luo han guo. Rojak (RM 7) is good as well, thick sauce.

Snack at 欢喜 Hua Hee 油炸鬼 Yu Cha Kuih · 3:00 PM

One of the best Chinese Fried Donut I have in a while: fresh, crispy, flavourful with good ingredients. Yau Zha Guai very crispy on the outside, soft inside. Ham Chim Peng very flavourful, and red bean has good amount of red bean.

Shopping at Sin Guan Hoe Kedai Biscuit · 3:14 PM

Bought some Heong Peah and Tau Sa Piah.

Tour at River Cruise Teluk Intan Perak · 6:30 PM

Go for the sunset river cruise (RM 30) with a visit to Pulau Bangau to watch thousands of migratory birds. A must do in Teluk Intan, absolutely worth it.

Dinner at Poh Loong Seafood Restaurant (宝隆海鲜餐厅) · 8:11 PM

Wonderful place for local seafood. The medium size big head prawn is about RM 10 each, fresh meat and fragrant soy sauce. The Kum Heong Crab (big size one RM 90 per kg, each about 500-600g) is sufficiently meaty and fresh, and I quite like the sauce. The uncle who takes orders is very nice, giving good suggestion and doesn't upsell (trustworthy). Cooking is not fast though, even on a weekday. Too many other dishes we wish to try, but only 2 of us.

Visit at Menara Condong Teluk Intan · 9:54 PM

Come at night, not hot and with a light show, with some food trucks and vendors selling bubble soap. 夜里的斜塔【安顺】 晚上来看亮灯的安顺斜塔,气温舒适,灯光迷人,还有一些小吃车和卖泡泡肥皂的摊贩。

Supper at TOTO CHA KUAY TOEW多多炒粿条 · 10:30 PM

Really love the vibe of this midnight supper road side stall. I enjoy the charcoal Fried Kway Teow, tasty and soft.