Melaka 2022Album

📅 Dec 21, 2022

Breakfast at Warung Bambam · 9:57 AM

This place is very popular on a weekday morning. Though the food does look very tempting, I think taste wise just average.

Visit at Tepian Pantai Klebang · 12:18 PM

A decent beach to kill some time or relax. Plenty of food stalls, and you can ride a horse or atv.

Lunch at Klebang Original Coconut Shake · 2:09 PM

The coconut shake is ok, with plenty of snacks. Visit when convenient, don't have high hope.

Stay at Treasures Hotel and Suites · 3:27 PM

Nice and comfortable hotel, decent breakfast, has a pool and about 10 minutes walk to the town center.

Teatime at Sin See Tai · 4:25 PM

A pretty interesting cafe. Food and coffee is alright.

Dessert at Cendol Kampung Hulu @Makan Avenue · 6:27 PM

Korean shaved ice with cendol and mango.

Dinner at 鴻昇雲吞麵HONG SHENG WTM · 9:00 PM

Service is slow, so there is a queue. Melaka wan tan mee is white without the dark sauce, order the dry version (default) if you want to taste the authentic local version. With the soup version, it is harder to tell the difference. For me, it is average.

📅 Dec 22, 2022

Breakfast at The Daily Fix Cafe · 9:43 AM

This place is way too popular, we came before the shop opened and was the first batch to went in. Service is great, food is good and the environment is nice. So it is popular for good reasons.

Dessert at Cendol Jam Besar Bandar Hilir Melaka. · 2:39 PM

Cendol is okay, just opposite the Dutch Square.

Lunch at Beh Leh Hainam Satay · 3:43 PM

Most memorable meal during this trip. Chicken satay is juicy, and pork satay is crispy. Love the pineapple sauce. Recommended. 30 minutes queue.

Dessert at Birdcage · 4:00 PM

Really a small cafe with about 3 tables. The cakes are pretty good.

Dinner at Pak Putra Restaurant · 6:30 PM

Food is cheap and good, but we are just too full.