Port Dickson 2022Album

📅 Dec 10, 2022

Breakfast at Min Kok Restaurant · 9:53 AM

Dim Sum is average. Huge comfortable place with plenty of parking.

Visit at 蜈蚣山 Then Sze Koon Temple · 12:00 PM

A nice temple with a lot of statues, quite some stairs as well.

Stay at Grand Lexis Port Dickson · 4:19 PM

Nice hotel, with private pool. The room is quite far from the room, so buggy service is used (could be slow during peak hours).

Snack at Gerai Abc Panjang · 4:20 PM

Wanted to try the mee mamak, but the stall is not open. ABC and nasi lemak is nice.

Dinner at 豪记海鲜餐馆Hao Kee Seafood Restaurant · 7:26 PM

Love the food here: fast, tasty and affordable.

📅 Dec 11, 2022

Stay at Grand Lexis Port Dickson · 9:37 AM

The hotel is a bit dated, but still a comfortable villa with a private pool.

Visit at Pantai Port Dickson, Jalan Pantai · 11:45 AM

An average beach, ok sand and dirty water. Plenty of people camping by the beach though.

Lunch at 好運麵包王Lucky King Bun(Seremban) · 2:05 PM

The food is okay. The lucky king bun restaurant and the actual curry bun is no longer the same owner, so you have pay extra service charge to bring in the curry bun. I enjoy the curry bun.