Dinner at 📍MEO PLUS CAFE

The price is slightly high, but the portion size is generous and it tastes good. This is my second time here today, and we ordered the Grilled Pork Chop with MEO Homemade Gracy (RM 33.90). The pork has a good flavor and texture, but it was slightly dry from being grilled, and I don't fancy the homemade sauce (maybe black pepper is better). The meal comes with two side dishes: creamy and delicious mashed potatoes, and tasty cabonara spaghetti. The Crispy Fish Burger (RM 21.90) is also very tasty. It had a large portion, good texture, and was flavorful and juicy. The serving of fries was generous and not dry, and thick enough. The onion rings are good as well. We are very satisfied with the food here, but the portions are a bit large (we got too full), so we might consider sharing a meal for two next time. The complimentary bread was a bit disappointing; we felt it was too ordinary. Perhaps the focus here is on sampling their sauces, rather than the bread. During the weekend and holidays, the dinner tables are usually full, so there might be a 15-minute wait, and it can be a bit slow in serving the dishes. However, the service here is good, they provide free water (and diligently refill it), and the ambiance is also nice. 这里的西餐有点小贵,但分量大,而且好吃。 今天第二次来这里,我们点了自制特式酱猪排(RM 33.90)。猪肉味道不错,肉质也好,但是烤到有点干,自制特式酱也还好而已。这餐点有附加两样小菜,马铃薯泥滑而美味, 白酱意大利面有浓郁的奶油培根味。 香脆鱼柳包(RM 21.90)也是很好吃,大分,口感好,美味多汁。薯条的分量也不手软,不会干,有口感。还有几个洋葱圈,也是好吃。 我们对这里的食物都很满意,只是分量有点大(吃太饱),可能下次考虑两人一份。 免费送的面包就有点失望,觉得太普通了。可能重点是试吃他家的酱汁,不是品尝面包。 假期晚餐都会满桌,可能要等15分騣,出菜也慢一点;这里服务好,有免费清水(还勤奋的添加),环境也不错。