Dinner at 📍8Haus

This is a pork place, specializing in Pork Roulade. The highlight would be All-Time Curry Ramen (RM 22.80) with tasty broth mixed with pork lard and minced meat, good enough noodles and half a piece of Pork Roulade. I believe the broth actually enhances the Pork Roulade, which by itself is already pretty good. The Nasi Lemak Pork Roulade (RM 30.30) is a letdown because the anchovies and peanuts are too dry, and the sambal is average, and luckily the flavourful fluffy rice kind of saves it. The full Pork Roulade is probably too big (half is enough), and the mixture with Nasi Lemak kind of makes it too dry. Fried Mochi (RM 7.20) is nice, filled with richness of mashed sweet potato and crispy skin. I wish there is more Mochi. Bali Paradise (RM 9.80) is blended barley with ice shake and lemon. It is very rich in barley and fresh lime.