📅 Oct 29, 2023

Dessert at Natura Cafe · 11:24 AM

A simple garden cafe with its signature hanging plant using a fan cover. There is a restaurant and a cafe, we went for the cafe which is next to a canal. The coffee and cake is pretty decent, and just chill and relax in its surroundings. Many tourists on a boat tour do pass by the canal.

Lunch at Lom Talay · 1:02 PM

A popular place to stop by for seafood outside of Bangkok. It is a restaurant build on a fish pond, which is comfortable and scenic. We have fried fish, big head prawns and fried rice, which cost 900B. The seafood is fresh and nice, so we have a satisfying meal.

Dinner at Payunh - Thai Restaurant Phetchaburi · 5:02 PM

Seems to be a classy restaurant which serves authentic Thai food, should be quite popular in this area. The environment is beautiful and comfortable. We order red curry with crab, and a pork fish plus drink, about 500B. Nice food and nice ambience.

Stay at Maleesa Place Hua Hin · 7:04 PM

Big, clean and comfortable. It is a studio unit, so there is a sofa and small kitchen, and balcony to hang cloth. Free coffee and snacks are offered in the common area. There is a tiny swimming pool. I believe this place offer short term rental, so staying feels comfortable. Location wise is decent, though not the most accessible by walking.

Visit at Cicada Market · 9:01 PM

Half of the market is craft related items, and the other half is food related. There are also 2 different stages for performance. It is nice and clean, but Tamarind next door seems to have more attractive food stalls. Parking is 50 Baht.

Supper at Tamarind Market · 9:55 PM

Food options feels better and cheaper than the Cicada Market next door.