📅 Jan 21, 2024

Lunch at Restaurant Ba Hao Dim Sum 8号点心 · 1:03 PM

Three Platter (RM 9.90) - mini siew bao (soft crispy skin, taste ok), mini polo bun with char siew, mini Portuguese egg tart (skin too thin and hard, egg is nice). HK Chee Cheong Fun (RM 6.90) - comes with peanut and sweet sauce, too compact but still taste good. Seafood Pork Dumpling (RM 7.90) - good size, skin too thick, taste alright. Wok Fried Radish Cake (RM 8.50) - soft, fragrant and slightly crispy. Coffee Cold (RM 5.80) - pretty good, flavourful and less sweet recommend.

Dinner at THE HUNGRY LAB · 6:05 PM

THL Signature Pork Burger (RM 28.80) is pretty good, thick patty and nice sauce. Lemongrass Pork Chop with Pork Lard Rice (RM 22.80) is a bit average. Coconut Coffee Bowl (RM 17) is nice, ice-cream with strong coffee taste, and some coconut crunch. Price wise seems a bit high, with 10% service tax.