Bandar Puchong Jaya

📅 Jan 1, 2020

New Year Brunch at Togather 讲饮讲吃(Puchong) · 11:57 AM

The egg waffle 鸡蛋仔 is surprisingly tasty, and the bbq pork rice 安然销魂叉烧饭 is nice as well.

📅 Oct 27, 2019

Pan Mee Breakfast at Restoran Dao Ma Qie 刀麻切 · 11:02 AM

One of my usual place for good pan mee, though occasionally it could be slightly salty. The coffee and side dishes here is pretty good as well.

📅 Dec 14, 2019

Breakfast at Restoran Dao Ma Qie 刀麻切 · 11:54 AM

Nice pan mee place in Puchong, though the saltiness is a bit inconsistent. Nice selection of side dishes and coffee.

Dinner at Togather 讲饮讲吃(Puchong) · 8:38 PM

New Hong Kong style cafe in Puchong, usually pretty crowded. The chicken chop is okay, dessert is nice but the salted egg pizza is a let down. Will come again to try other dishes.

📅 Sep 29, 2019

Lunch at GO Noodle House @ IOI Mall · 12:20 PM

The noodle shop is very popular in IOI mall, mom love it as well.

📅 Oct 26, 2019

Affordable Japanese BBQ at taisyu yakiniku japanese bbq · 8:26 PM

About RM 10 for a plate of pork meat, Ramen also RM 10. Taste wise pretty alright, good value.

📅 Jan 17, 2020

Supper at Togather 讲饮讲吃(Puchong) · 11:34 PM

I found that the herbs doesn't match the noodle.

📅 Dec 21, 2019

Breakfast at Penang Liang Khee Tomyam Mee Puchong · 11:14 AM

The tomyam noodle is really very spicy. The food here is nice.

📅 May 21, 2020

Lunch at Thong Kee Cafe Puchong 溏记海南茶室 · 1:38 PM

Thong Kee specialty: 1 + 1 coffee, fried hokkien mee and croissant.

📅 Jun 20, 2020

Tea Lunch at Thong Kee Cafe Puchong 溏记海南茶室 · 4:07 PM

Decent fried keow teow and hokkien mee.

📅 Jul 11, 2020

Lunch at KyoChon 1991 @ IOI Mall Puchong · 3:33 PM

Okay Korean chickies.