📅 Jan 11, 2020

Lunch at Cheras Flat Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle · 11:59 AM

Probably one of the best fish head noodle in Puchong. The more expensive fish not necessarily taste better, so I would recommend going with the cheapest or second cheapest options.

Dinner at 廣西仔 · 7:40 PM

Curry pork is my favourite here.

📅 Jan 12, 2020

Lunch at Starman Coffee · 12:07 PM

Is a hidden cafe in a fairly quiet alley, so parking is easy on weekend. No much on the menu, but the salmon quiche and mushroom turnovers are pretty nice. Our starman coffee overflows, but it is still okay. We bought a burnt cheese (thumbs up) for takeaway, but they ran out of small boxes so they gave us a full size cake box instead. The furniture arrangements are slightly strange as they have more large table than small tables, but I do like their chairs. The best spot for 2 person would be near the windows at the front, and at the back. The cafe is still not crowded, so it is still nice and quiet.

Dinner at Restaurant Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记) · 7:48 PM

The noodle taste pretty good, and the pork belly bbq (maybe too fat) taste good as well.

📅 Jan 13, 2020

Evening Hike at Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Trail · 6:46 PM

Found some new species of white thin mushroom today.

📅 Aug 31, 2019

Lunch at Restoran BBQ Soon Hing · 12:01 PM

Besides the dry Wantan Mee, the Curry Wantan Mee is very good as well.

📅 Oct 27, 2019

Pan Mee Breakfast at Restoran Dao Ma Qie 刀麻切 · 11:02 AM

One of my usual place for good pan mee, though occasionally it could be slightly salty. The coffee and side dishes here is pretty good as well.

Dinner At Bahn Mi at Banh Mi Cafe · 11:59 AM

Fried rice with fried chicken is pretty good.

📅 Oct 28, 2019

Seafood Noodle Lunch at Xin Hao Tat Restaurant · 1:59 PM

Set lunch of Sang Mee with Fresh Prawn. The ingredients might be fresh, but the cooking is lacking.

Affordable And Tasty Japanese Food at Niko Niko Onigiri Puchong · 9:08 PM

This month's promotion is 15% off cold ramen and soy chicken with rice. Tasty, simple and affordable.