📅 Sep 8, 2019

Transport at Station Square · 10:57 AM

Our Marshrutka stop at the Navtlugi Bus Station west of Tbilisi, where we took the Metro to Station Square to stock up at Deserter Bazaar. We took the metro again to Didube Bus Station for our transport to Kazbegi.

📅 Sep 11, 2019

Stay at Tiflis Inn Glamour Boutique Hotel · 11:10 AM

We book ourselves into a very nice yet affordable hotel. The room is really gorgeous and comfortable. I wish we have time to stay longer. Absolutely nice decoration, with a bathtub, and the location is convenient.

Lunch at Barbarestan · 1:30 PM

We didn't realized this is a fine dining restaurant, so they served tiny portion. Somehow we are quite disappointed, probably due to misaligned expectations, and we try to share the dishes (this is not how fine dining works). We are hoping for the usual Georgian large size serving and delicious food. I guess the food is good due to the high google ratings, but we are just not in the mood for fine dining, and the waiters seems frustrated with us as well.

Walking around at Tbilisi · 4:00 PM

Tbilisi is a beautiful and vibrant city. It is very comfortable to walk around, with beautiful buildings, architecture, churches and parks along the way.

Visit at Bridge of Peace · 5:00 PM

Perhaps it looks nice at night, or my photography skill sucks.

Visit at Rike Park · 5:10 PM

Quite a huge park. A lot of people came here, so there are all sort of activities. There are art installations, concert hall and a play ground.

Ride Cable Car at Aerial Tramway · 5:33 PM

Take the cable car at Riker Park towards the hill of Mother of Georgia. It should have a nice view of Tbilisi at the top.

Visit at Narikala Fortress · 6:15 PM

Narikala is an old Fortress, together with St. Nicholas Church. For me, the highlight would be the splendid view of Tbilisi. Plenty of walls to climb.

Walk at Tbilisi · 7:30 PM

Tbilisi old town at night.

Dinner at Shavi Lomi · 8:10 PM

We took a bolt from the old town to this restaurant. Bolt is like an Uber, and the apps just works without much problem for first time user. The dinner should be good, but we probably order too much and we are too tired. Stll, nice ambience and service.