📅 Sep 6, 2019

Base In Lagodekhi at GUEST HOUSE "OLD WALL" · 10:54 AM

After exchanging Manat to Lari at the border, we paid 6 Lari for the taxi to our guesthouse in Lagodekhi. Our "hotel" is a bungalow (in fact every house here is a bangalow). It is nicely renovated, with a garden. The male host is more hospitable, the female host is nice as well. They run a vineyard, so you get to enjoy unlimited wine here.

Hiking To The Waterfall at Lagodekhi Nature Reserve · 11:49 AM

Since we still have half a day, we went to the nearest Black Grouse Waterfall. A very comfortable hike with good weather. The Waterfall is not huge, but the water is strong and windy, and the water is freezing cold. I did manage to go in for a quick dip under the Waterfall, which is quite challenging.

Dinner at GUEST HOUSE "OLD WALL" · 2:58 PM

We have dinner at the host place, which is really great. First time tasting Georgian food, and it is very good. And Georgian wine, a sweeter young wine, which I enjoy very much. We have skewed bbq meat, though the meat is a bit tough. Eggplant with walnut sauce, big mushroom with cheese, potato and Kachapuri (Georgian bread with cheese, the national dish) are absolutely amazing. I have a feeling we shall like Georgian food very much.

Explore at Lagodekhi · 6:40 PM

Saw a fountain in a park while exploring Lagodekhi.

📅 Sep 9, 2019

Breakfast at Guesthouse Elia · 7:25 AM

Good breakfast for 15 GEL per person.

Hiking at Truso Gorge · 9:09 AM

Took a private taxi from Kazbegi/Stepantsminda to Truso Valley for 100 GEL per car (will pick us up at predetermined time). The weather is cloudy, but it is still a pleasant long walk (6h for returns). The landscape is pretty amazing, flat and vast, flanked by mountains. The end of the trail is Zakagori Fortress, with an army camp at the base. The fortress ruin is on top of a hill, so we get a pretty great view of the surrounding landscape. It started raining on our way back, and it is freezing cold. Luckily we found cover by the path, and ate our packed lunch and wine. Overall it is a pleasant walk with beautiful landscape, definitely recommended.

Dinner at Restaurant Vitamin Kazbegi Closed for season · 5:33 PM

This is like a cafe restaurant, more expensive than Pikolo, but taste pretty good. We finally got a taste of Adjaruli Khacapuri, the Kachapuri with an egg at the center. We order Kharcho (beef soup) and Chikhirtma (chicken soup) to keep our body warm after the rainy hike.

📅 Sep 7, 2019

Breakfast at GUEST HOUSE "OLD WALL" · 8:01 AM

After a full breakfast at Old Wall, the owner drive us to Sighnaghi for 70 GEL.

Accomodation at Guest House EKA & GIO · 10:59 AM

A simple and cheap accommodation, which is also a sundry shop and wine cellar.

Explore at Sighnaghi · 11:54 AM

Explore the charming Sighnaghi town on a beautiful day. There is a market at the Town Square's park, and don't miss the walk on the City Wall. There is a dog who keeps jumping into a fountain and swam for a few laps. There is a market which sell Churchkhela, a Georgian sweets.

Beautiful View at Sighnaghi Wall · 1:01 PM

The view on the Sighnaghi City Wall / Fortress is really stunning. Someone build a veranda restaurant next to the city wall, where you can have wine and beer while enjoying the view.

Lunch at Qiziyi restoran · 2:24 PM

Another nice restaurant to enjoy cheap sweet wine and great food.

Beautiful Convent at Bodbe St. Nino Convent · 5:16 PM

We walk from town center to this Bodbe St. Nino Convent which take 30 minutes as we are not quite sure of the distance. Should have taken a Taxi instead. This convent is beautiful and fairly crowded. I am not into religion or history, but the building, garden and scenery is beautiful. There is a sense of calmness here. There is a path towards the spring water which I assume is quite a distance, but we skip it as it will be dark soon. We took a taxi back to town for 6 GEL.

Dinner at Ресторан SHIO'S · 7:29 PM

We wanted to dine at OKRO, but sadly it was closed. This place is more touristy. The Shkmeruli - chicken in milky garlic sauce does comes in pretty large portion. Taste wise is just okay.