📅 Nov 9, 2019

Hiking Day 1 at Gunung Bunga Buah · 12:35 PM

Only four of us in this trip, which is a comfortable number. We can camp at the "Garden", which is more beautiful than the peak. Plenty of nice vegetations along the way.

📅 Nov 10, 2019

Hiking Day 2 at Gunung Bunga Buah · 10:30 AM

A dog came to visit our camp site the next day, following others hiker. Plenty of flower and fruit along the way.

📅 Aug 21, 2020

Lunch at Pintô Coffee+ · 12:40 PM

An interesting cafe with a nice environment. Food wise is okay.

📅 Aug 20, 2020

Lunch at E Farm Restaurant · 12:22 PM

Interesting place for lunch, parking could be quite a challenge during the weekend. Tasty food, fresh seafood.

Weekend Stay at Happi Village · 3:39 PM

Big space, small pool, big room with a big bathtub. The room is nice and comfortable, just perfect for relaxing. There is a farm next door: passion fruit and fig. There is a hidden route to a waterfall. Just nice for a weekend getaway. The owner might give away excess vegetables from his farm to guests.

Dinner at Happi Village · 7:00 PM

Simple and tasty dinner here, since we are lazy to drive out at night.

📅 Jul 14, 2022

Hotspring at Kolam Air Panas Bentong · 9:33 AM

Entrance is free, comes with a toilet, and the water is not really hot.

Breakfsst at Kopitiam L Y Corner · 10:39 AM

Only wanton noodle available, where most local uncles are having their kopi. The noodle is just average.

Stroll at Sunday Morning Market, Bentong · 11:06 AM

The daily morning market. Famous items includes Bentong ginger, Bentong soy sauce, Sat Ke Ma, Dumpling and Kuih.

Dessert at TAK Ice Cream Corner 陈雪糕店 · 12:08 PM

Somehow Bentong is famous for home made ice-cream.

Dessert at Auntie Mok Tauhu 莫大妈文冬豆腐 · 12:28 PM

Smooth Tau Fu Fah. They also sell dumpling and Tau Foo Pok.

Snack at 文冬玻璃口联发加央角 Bentong Lian Fa Kaya Puff · 12:48 PM

We like the puff here, especially the Kaya Puff.

Lunch at Tom Yam King (Restoran Krauthai) · 1:31 PM

The food is generally nice, but slightly on the sweet side.

Visit at 旧玻璃口财神庙师爷庙 · 2:46 PM

This temple is quite elaborate with many gods of richness (at least 30 of them).

Stroll at Taman Rekreasi Sungai Marong · 3:59 PM

A simple park, where the big "Bentong" sign is situated.

Stay at Gibbon Retreat Bentong · 4:59 PM

Nestled among the trees by the hill sloop, you gets serenity. The room is simple. Only 15 minutes drive to Bentong Town, though the entry road is dusty due to ongoing constructions nearby You can bbq here, though not everything is provided (check with the caretaker, he is helpful). There is a small rock pool for swimming, and two short treks.