📅 Oct 28, 2023

Stay at Home16 Sukhumvit (Hostel16) · 2:15 PM

A popular backpacker hotel, if you enjoy mingling with new friends. Clean, organized and comfortable. Location might not be the most convenient, 15 minutes walk from the nearest station.

Dinner at Here Hai Restaurant เฮียให้ · 4:59 PM

Fresh, delicious and affordable seafood. Chunks of crab meat on top of an omelette, and loads of mantis prawns. I found Thailand seafood lacks a strong umami seafood taste, but make up for it in term of texture.

Dessert at After You Dessert Cafe · 7:00 PM

We got the Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori (285B), it is expensive but really good. Smooth and sweet, but not overwhelming. One of the best dessert we have ever tasted.

Dinner at Bamee Kon Sae Lee (Thonglo) · 7:49 PM

Very good egg noodle with quite a few toppings to choose from, and we choose there one with everything. This is my wife's favorite egg noodle place in Thailand.

Dessert at Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice · 8:17 PM

Really good Mango Sticky Rice: mango with nice texture and sweetness, and the rice is soft and doesn't lump together, and the crunchy stuff is real crunchy. The sticky rice here is top notch. The offer a small and big options, and you could try other Thai dessert/snack as well.

📅 Oct 30, 2023

Brunch at Jek Piek Seafood Restaurant · 10:59 AM

This is a local breakfast place, with a variety of rice, noodle and fish cakes. The food is pretty alright.

Dessert at Ban Pa Prang Dessert · 12:23 PM

Absolutely love this dessert place. No dine in, as most locals comes for takeaway, so we ate standing. There are 10 plus variety, most slightly thick and sweet, but I just love to sample local traditional dessert, full of unexpected flavours and surprises.

Visit at Chatchai Market · 1:24 PM

There are grocery stalls, a wet market with seafood and vegetables, dry seafood stalls and some street food around the market. It is always an interesting experience to visit the local market.

Coffee at Chiffon.Café · 1:43 PM

Wife says this place served the best dirty latte in whole of Thailand.

Massage at 99 THAI MASSAGE HUAHIN · 2:52 PM

One of the best Thai massage we have tried, we opt for full body 2 hours. The technique feels a bit different, feels like acupressure 穴位按摩, able to massage the correct spot without applying too much strength. Feels really comfortable after the massage.

Dinner at ร้านบ้านหมูสะเต๊ะหัวหิน · 6:46 PM

Huge food court with easily 50 stalls or more. We have a hard time picking what to eat. Fish cooked with salt and satay seems very popular, as we need to wait 30 minutes or more. Sadly it is quite average.