Bali 2022- Page 7Album

📅 Sep 17, 2022

Breakfast at Gaing Mas Jimbaran Villas by Gaing Mas Group · 8:00 AM

Ordered breakfast (local sweets) from GoGood, but ordered too much and taste wise is below average.

Lunch at Mitos Kopi Jimbaran · 12:15 PM

An affordable little cafe. Strangely the Americano (sourish and fruity) is better than the Cappuccino. A coffee + croissant or sandwich is IDR 70K. The croissant and sandwich are okay, but the loaded fries is just average.

Lunch at Sate tipat jik gaul (Sate Babi & Sate Ayam) · 2:40 PM

Try sate babi for one last time. We were worried when she use a gas stove rather than the usual charcoal or coconut husk method (probably because it is just a roadside stall with less customers at this time). The marination is pretty good, slightly spicy. Texture of the meat is average though, maybe not enough tender or fatty part. Given the price, I would say it is a good deal. Plus the lady boss is talkative and friendly. IDR 15K per portion.

Tea at Ngurah Rai International Airport · 4:26 PM

Wife cannot resist the many shops selling cakes/breads and coffee, so we ate again. Third lunch for the day. Most shops sell almost the same thing. Taste wise it is alright. Bye bye Bali, see you next time. Suksma.