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📅 Sep 3, 2022

Beach at Seminyak Beach · 3:54 PM

Huge beach with lots of people. Pretty strong waves with quite a few surfing. Rented a sleep deck for IDR 100,000 per bed, and bintang beer/coconut cost IDR 30,000. It is quite comfortable to just chill, have a drink and eaych the sunset.

Coffee at The Koop Roaster & Cafe · 12:25 PM

Coffee is nice, but the food is average.

Hotel at CR Tris Rooms Seminyak · 9:00 AM

New and clean room, nice balcony with a good view. Owner and staffs are very friendly (homey and small business vibe). They are having some religious ceremony, with neighbours and guests are invited, and everyone is extremely friendly. The hotel is near the main street of Seminyak, but walking to Seminyak Beach could take 20 minutes.

Dinner at Sate Babi Bawah Pohon · 6:45 PM

The best sate babi in Bali, marinated with some red sauce, juicy and tasty. The sate lilit is nice too, but the rice cake (lontong) is average. Just go for the pure sate babi set.

Massage at Spa Yasmin · 3:16 PM

Pretty good full body massage at IDR 130,000 per hour. Clean environment, friendly staff and good service. Balinese massage is just nice for me, comfortable.

📅 Sep 4, 2022

Dessert at Kakiang Bakery · 7:59 PM

Coffee is alright, the milk crepe is big in size but taste wise is average.

Stay at Jani's Place Cottage · 4:02 PM

I think this is a nice hotel, with value for money, spacious room, a garden balcony and a pool. At a bit edge of ubud town centre, it is still convenient but not too busy. Friendly and helpful staff, they do offer laundry service with a local laundry.

Breakfast at Sate Plecing Arjuna · 10:08 AM

The place is popular the spicy flecing sate. We like the spicy one compared to sweet one. We find the soto bakso sapi (pork ball soup with beef) a bit too salty for us. PS: We book a half day taxi to Ubud for IDR 300,000.

Lunch at Warung Babi Guling Pande Egi · 1:23 PM

This place is a favourite among the local, with reasonable price and a nice view by the paddy field. We went at Sunday lunch, so expect a 20 minutes wait. If you want to save money, just order the Bali Guling Biasa, and the special and jumbo just give you more ingredients. Food is nice. The Ais Taro is quite nice, and Ice Coconut (with lime) taste kinda amazing for me. There is a small stall selling fritters for IDR 1000 per piece, and they are freshly fried and tasty.

Waterfall at Kanto Lampo Waterfall · 11:03 AM

A beautiful multi layer waterfall. Soon you will realised most of the popular waterfall in Bali, there shall be a queue for photographs. So you can't really enjoy the waterfall, but just to take photographs. There are a few local guide to help you with the photographs, and they are very helpful and skillful. I think payment is not required, but tipping shall be appreciated. You can enjoy a dip at the spring pool instead. Entry is IDR 20,000 per person.

Hiking at Mount Agung · 10:22 PM

Depart around 9.00pm from our hotel in Ubud, about 1h30 to reach Besakih Temple. Hike start from 11pm, and sunrise is about 6.30am. There is along rest near the top, where they setup campfire to keep warm. After the long break, last leg of the journey starts at 5.30am to go for the peak and crater. We are lucky that there is no rain, and the wind is strong. The sea of cloud is absolutely amazing, and the clear sky, with the wonderful ridge walk towards the crater. This is one of the best view I have seen after more than a dozen hike. It takes 4 to 6 hours to go up, and the same amount of time to come down. The peak is abiut 3050 metres, and I was mildly out of breathe near the top. Coming down is really painful as well. We reach Besakih Temple around 12.30pm, and be back toUbud round 2pm.

Dinner at Kedaton · 7:29 PM

Pick some dishes with your rice. The tempeh kacang is very good, and you could try the shalot cracker too.
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