📅 Dec 25, 2023

Lunch at Gerai Signature (Puchong) · 1:50 PM

The Gerai Laksa (RM 14.90) is indeed flavourful, soft noodle and okay-ish ingredients. Butter Chicken Fried Rice (RM 18.90) is pretty good: crispy chicken, tasty sauce and good fried rice. Cold Kopi (RM 4.90) is nice too.

📅 Dec 24, 2023

Lunch at Ker Yuan Kitchen · 12:55 PM

The Hakka noodles tasted a bit different from the ones I am used to, with an interesting texture. The Yong Tau Fu is pretty good, minimum 5 pieces. Coffee is average.

Dessert at Hiao Po Tong Shui 姣婆糖水 · 3:03 PM

Decent Tong Sui and Snacks. Beancurd Gingko Barley (RM 7) is okay, but I prefer more texture rather than blended. Onde onde and Sticky Rice are acceptable.

Dinner at Ginger Roots Restaurant · 5:50 PM

Interesting Nyonya Cuisine at OUG neighborhood. Pineapple Fish Curry (RM 55) comes with thick, flavourful and oily curry with 2 big pieces of fish meat. Ayam Buah Keluak (RM 35) comes with an interesting Buah Keluak flavor, which is quite tasty. Kailan Salted Fish (RM 22) is quite normal. Ice Kacang (RM 9.90) didn't really standout as well. We are no expert in Nyonya Cuisine, but it is worth trying.

📅 Dec 17, 2023

Dinner at Guan's @ Pusat Bandar Puchong · 1:38 PM

The chicken chop (RM 23.90) is pretty good, crispy skin with BBQ sauce.

📅 Dec 16, 2023

Lunch at 鼎香生肉面 · 3:19 PM

Love this pork noodle from Sabah. Nice thin pork slices with some meatballs with flavourful broth. Dry and Soup versions are equally good. Coffee is nice too.

📅 Dec 15, 2023

Lunch at Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant - Pavilion Bukit Jalil · 12:06 PM

The food is surprisingly good. Love the noodle which are springy, with good crispy tempura. Nasi Lemak set is nice as well.

Dessert at Christine's Bakery, Pavilion Bukit Jalil · 2:19 PM

Coffee is average, cakes are nice, tarts are acceptable but the cannoli is really too hard.

📅 Dec 3, 2023

Breakfast at Restoran Big Family 大家美食中心 · 10:43 AM

A new Hakka noodles stall, not bad: nice noodle with decent char siew. Fried Kway Teow nice too.

Dinner at Lim Fried Chicken @Puchong · 6:40 PM

Lim Fried Chicken (RM 17.90) is tasty with big portion (now promotion with solero ice cream), just that slightly pricey so can't afford it most of the days. If two person just order one set plus Chee Cheong Fun (RM 4.90), which makes it much affordable.

📅 Dec 2, 2023

Lunch at 1ST NASI LEMAK TASTE · 1:24 PM

Nasi Lemak average, Pan Mee pretty alright. This place offer a lot of variety of food.

Dinner at Divietz 越南河粉专家 · 5:38 PM

Pretty good vietnamese good: Shredded Chicken Vermicelli (RM 13.90) and Lemongrass Chicken Chop Vermicelli (RM 19.90). Milk Coffee (RM 9.90) is nice too, and got lucky draw won another egg coffee (Caphe Moi) which is even better.

📅 Nov 27, 2023

Dinner at 蘭姐清蒸非洲鱼 Restoran Lan Je (Puchong) Sdn. Bhd. · 6:57 PM

Decent and affordable food, can afford a small fish for RM 20. The fried salty chicken is pretty good.

📅 Nov 25, 2023

Coffee at Gateway Coffee Roaster · 9:32 AM

A place for slightly fancy specialty coffee, with a nice ambience for photography. Tried the honeycomb orange coffee, not bad. Also pickup the cheapest snack. Good quality and fancy with more premium prices. Worth a visit.

Breakfast at Guay Jub Chang Moi Tat Mai · 10:30 AM

Love the tasty soup with pretty good crispy pork. Enjoy the softer noodles. The noodle also comes with sausages and tofu. Just simple and really nice.

Visit at Warorot Market (Kad Luang) · 11:33 AM

A big market located within the Chinatown of Chiang Mai. We came here to buy snacks (nuts, dry fruit, pork skin, sweets, etc) as souvenirs before we flew back.

Lunch at Pad Thai 5 Rod · 1:04 PM

The standard Pad Thai is affordable and nice. Fried Oyster is decent as well. Free ice water available.

Coffee at Brewginning Coffee · 1:34 PM

A decent and convenient coffee place. Most people just chill outside people watching, next to it is shop selling furniture, bag and hat made of cane. Many people took photo here.