📅 Nov 24, 2023

Morning at Doowall hotel gallery · 8:26 AM

Cycle to explore the misty surroundings of Doowall hotel. You can also enjoy your complementary breakfast in the garden.

Visit at Wat Rong Khun - White Temple · 10:18 AM

One of the must visit temple, yet it is very crowded within a small space. I think it is still worth it if you enjoy photography, wear a hat as it is quite sunny and be sure to find some corner with less crowd for take photos in peace. 100B entrance fee for foreigners.

Coffee at Ryokan Cafe · 12:17 PM

It is a simple cafe, which serves some basic Japanese food and limited cake options. The most interesting part is their outdoor art installation: a Doraemon door, Totoro and a huge variety of scarecrow.

Early Dinner at Chom Cafe and Restaurant · 4:23 PM

A famous cafe with a moss forest, a lot of variety and higher prices. There are 4 zones of seating. Zone 3 is the worst, a huge dining hall and you can't see the moss forest as you dine. Food is just slightly above average, but it does have many options. The moss forest does look really good.

Stay at Jiang Mai 81 (เจียงใหม่ 81) · 5:52 PM

Pretty good and comfortable guesthouse. Clean with a good amount of space with a sofa and kitchen, and a smart tv. Some free snacks are available. It is at a quiet section, as 100m away is pretty busy. The only downside is we stay on the 4th floor with no lift, and it is at a dead end road. Location wise is not bad.

Late dinner at Racha Ba Mee Kiow · 8:40 PM

Love this roadside dinner and supper place, not crowded with affordable delicious food. Would recommend the Wanton Noodle soup. Just love the vibe of a good road side stall.

📅 Nov 23, 2023

Visit at Pong Phrabat Hot Springs · 10:00 AM

This is a very typical local hot spring. Free foot dip, cheap fee for public bath, cheap massage and from 70B onwards for a private room. Do drop by if it is convenient.

Visit at Baan Dam Museum · 11:00 AM

The main building houses art pieces with AR effects using your phone. Also some "viking" furniture vibes with crocodile and snake skins, and a king chair made of buffalo horn and skin. You can sit on these furniture. The entire place is basically a park with many small buildings that house various furniture, drums and carvings, mostly quite repetitive.

Lunch at Aquatale Café · 2:44 PM

A cafe in the forest with good coffee and decent food. In is a nice cottage with outdoor seatings, with a koi pond. Love the food and the vibe.

Stay at Doowall hotel gallery · 5:37 PM

Sort of feel like a 5-star hotel, minus the amenities. We stayed in a cottage, which is quite small, but still nice. Our unit didn't have a good view. They have interesting art pieces, a garden with a lake, free boating and bicycles, free snacks, fruit and drinks, welcome drink and cake, decent breakfast. And a pool which almost no one swims in, as it is next to the snack area. The place is surrounded by rice fields, so who cycles to explore the surroundings.

📅 Nov 22, 2023

Coffee at Cafe’lista · 11:13 AM

I thought this is just a tiny cafe on a rice field, but the compound is pretty big with many things to explore. The cafe is small and simple, but decent coffee and cake. There is also a garden, a lawn, a pond, and a few buildings. Plenty of places and props for photo opportunities. I would recommend minimum of 2 hours here if you like photography or just chill and relax.

Lunch at Ma Long Der · 2:00 PM

A modern take on Northern Thai cuisine. We order a 299B set which has a bit of everything, which is alright. Also a 89B fancy dessert, perhaps too much presentation. The restaurant is next to a river, and there is an art gallery next door.

Stay at Rommai Villa Chiang Rai · 3:05 PM

This is like a tiny resort with cozy wooden house. It has nice garden, and the host are friendly and helpful. You can take the bicycles (good condition) to explore nearby attractions. The breakfast is pretty good, tasty.

Dinner at Chivit Thamma Da Coffee House, Bistro & Bar · 6:41 PM

The most famous cafe and restaurant in Chiang Rai. The place is known for its beautiful garden seating, great service and pretty good food. It has a wide variety of food choices from Asian to Western, and dining here is just a very pleasant experience. You can opt for alcohol and dessert after your meal. I could easily spend 2 hours here, just comfortable and pleasant. We visited this place 8 years ago during our last trip, and we visited Chivit Thamma Da twice during our current Chiang Rai visit. Both the morning and evening vibe are excellent.

📅 Nov 21, 2023

Visit at Mae Salong Morning Market · 7:12 AM

Come here as early as 7am to experience the morning market vibe and taste some local snacks.

Visit at Wang Put Tan Tea Plantation · 9:04 AM

Love this beautiful tea plantation. They provide some local costumes for photography, a few great photo spot, beautiful tea plantation on the hill, and chill with tea and snacks. I would recommend 2h to fully explore this place.

Lunch at Imm Pochana · 1:58 PM

This restaurant is slightly hidden, might not look like much, but the food is really good. Pork Knuckles small (250B) is soft and flavourful. Eat it together with steam and fried bun, just perfect. I am usually not a fan of soft pork knuckles, but this is just so good.

Visit at The Martyr's Memorial Hall (Chinese Division 93 Memorial) · 3:34 PM

It is a well kept memorial.

Visit at Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Stit Maha Santi Khiri · 4:35 PM

Temple at the highest point of Mae Salong. A simple temple with a great view of the mountain range. You walk up a few hundred steps of stairs from the town, or drive a few km up a steep road to reach here. Both entry points have a car park.

Dinner at Yunnan Chinese Noodle · 5:32 PM

Said to be the best noodle in town, which is pretty good. I prefer the breakfast noodle at our hotel Baan Hom Muen Li, but my wife likes the noodle here better. The lady boss can speak Chinese and Cantonese.

📅 Nov 20, 2023

Breakfast at Ma Family Coffee Farm · 8:36 AM

Enjoy the morning breakfast with a view.

Lunch at Larb Sanam Keela · 12:52 PM

Great northern pork curry at affordable price. Bamboo shoot salad is nice and spicy.

Coffee at Pasang · 1:59 PM

A simple and nice coffee place. They serve Pineapple coffee, which is interesting. A nice place to chill, cakes are decent.

Visit at View point Mae Salong Nai · 3:37 PM

A rest stop with a view point. Do stop by if it is convenient, else it is not worth a detour. Mae Salong beauty can be enjoyed at many places along the way.

Stay at Baan Hom Muen Li · 4:30 PM

Clean, simple, affordable hotel with a good view. It is very near to the town. Love the morning breakfast here, especially Udon Noodles, Soy Bean and Fried Fritters.

Visit at Doi Mae Salong · 7:00 PM

Mae Salong is best explored by driving, as the attractions are fairly far apart. Love the cool weather and Chinese Yunan food and culture. Enjoy the mountain view, tea plantation, hilltop temple and try the local food. Stay a night, or two.

📅 Nov 19, 2023

Breakfast at Khao Soi Thao Gae Ek · 9:11 AM

The Khao Soi here could be served with a variety of ingredients, from pork, beef, chicken or seafood. Not bad.

Visit at Wat Huay Pla Kang: Goddess of Mercy Chiang Rai · 11:09 AM

This temple has a huge statue of Goddess of Mercy, which you can take a lift up to the head portion, where you can look out from her eyes and forehead. Below the goddess are two great dragons protecting the stairs. Though this temple might feel a bit more commercial, I think it is still worth a visit. There is also another side temple and a pagoda.

Lunch at Polar Boulangerie and Patisserie · 1:36 PM

A fairly hidden but known cafe. Nice outdoor environment with busy indoor seatings. Food wise is fairly decent. Love the vibe. BBQ Pull Pork Sandwiches (125B) - nice Hot Cappuccino (75B) Matcha Roll Cake (105B) - pretty good, but too small for the price.

Stay at Ma Family Coffee Farm · 5:08 PM

Quite a long mountain road drive from Chiang Rai, but it is worth it. Serene and beautiful atmosphere, with rolling hills. Enjoy the local mountain food dinner (wonderful pork and Egg), and the coffee. Don't forget their alcoholic drinks made from Honey, really good. A peaceful and comfortable stay, and friendly family host.

📅 Nov 18, 2023

Breakfast at Nakhon Pathom Restaurant · 8:12 AM

Pretty nice BBQ pork rice with sweet sauce, first time having it as breakfast. A local favorite at town center.

Coffee at 1:2 Chiangrai brew - Warehouse · 8:27 AM

A simple industrial style coffee place, decent. Many locals order takeaway.

Visit at Wat Rong Suea Ten (Blue Temple) · 11:00 AM

A beautiful blue temple quite near to Chiang Rai town, very near to Chivit Thamma Da cafe. One of those modern artistic temples, where art meets religion. It is beautiful and interesting.

Visit at Singha Park Chiang Rai · 1:48 PM

A huge park with tea plantation, flower field, farm and lake, and a few restaurants. Though you can drive in, you can only stop at 3 places. To fully explore the park, you rent an e-bike or golf cart. I would recommend 2-3 hours to explore this place. We came on Saturday, and there is an outdoor food market (Japanese themed). near the lake until nighttime. It is just fun to explore the park using an electric vehicle, and plenty of photo op. Entrance is free, need to pay for optional electric vehicle rental though.

Visit at Walking Street Chiang Rai · 7:32 PM

This special street market only opens on Saturday night, and it is pretty long. Most food stalls are concentrated on the eastern end, where they have performance and dancing as well.

Dinner at Heaven Burger · 9:21 PM

We have the Signature Heaven Burger (199B), and it was decent. Has my hopes too high as everyone else says it is the best burger.

📅 Nov 17, 2023

Visit at Doi Chang Buddhist Park · 11:00 AM

Feels like this is the hidden gem of Doi Chang. Buddha Statues are placed around the forest, and it gives out a mystic vibe. The highlight would be the two natural koi pond in the forest, such a serene atmosphere. There is a small temple where No Cat and Thong Dog lives. Spend sometime to slowly explore the secret of this park.

Visit at Akha FarmVille อาข่า ฟาร์มวิลล์ · 2:46 PM

A simple and fun place to feed the sheep, enjoy the view and sip a drink. Have fun.

Late lunch at Khao Soi Mae Pimpon · 4:44 PM

The restaurant is pretty good, just next to the white temple. They offer good Khao Soi Chicken (60B) and Thai Red Curry Pork (75B).

Stay at Sleepy House · 5:44 PM

Clean, quite and fairly good location. A bit of a cat-themed. Nice breakfast.

Visit at Chiang Rai Night Bazaar · 6:19 PM

A simple and small night bazaar which opens everyday, attached to a big food court as well.

📅 Nov 16, 2023

Breakfast at U Garden · 8:00 AM

The perfect view with the perfect props to capture the moment. Can't concentrate on breakfast when the view is this good.

Coffee at YAYO FARM · 12:00 PM

The perfect place for some photo and chill. The open concept with a great view and swings are just fun and comfortable.

Lunch at Akha Kitchen Doi Chang · 1:49 PM

Enjoy some delicious Akha food, with a good view plus a house decorated Akha style. Feels tasty and authentic. Feel free to put on Akha clothing and accessories for photo.

Stay at Triple A Coffee · 4:00 PM

We stay here for the night. The view might not be the best in Doi Chang (next to a road), but still decent. They provide some fancy afternoon tea, but dinner and breakfast are average. The highlight of this place would be the Jacuzzi bubble bath, which make great bubble bath to be blown away by the wind, so much fun.

📅 Nov 15, 2023

Breakfast at เฌอธาร โฮมสเตย์ · 8:00 AM

Porridge, Western and Hand drip coffee, not bad.

Coffee at The First Valley - Coffee Academy · 12:06 PM

The best view in Doi Saket? Maybe. An interesting cafe with specialty coffee like Masterpiece Moonstone (200B), I would say it is worth a try. Burnt Cheesecake (120B) is decent. It is a nice place to stop by and chill, especially when there are less crowd.

Visit at Thaweesin Hot Spring · 2:00 PM

Used to be full fledge hot spring facility, now only has foot bath, egg boiling and a hot spring fountain. Currently it is more of a rest stop. Most interesting here is there is an abandoned old city resort next door. Kind of eery and charming at the same time.

Lunch at Mu Tomyam Phitsanulok Noodle Shop · 2:20 PM

It is very easy to miss the entrance, so drive slowly. No English menu, so just order egg noodle soup. Though it might not look spicy, it is actually pretty spicy. A good bowl of tasty noodle. I bought some taro snack here, which is pretty good.

Stay at U Garden · 4:01 PM

We stay for one night. The place offer one of the best view in Doi Chang. I wish we have more time to just laid back and relax. The bathtub is pretty much useless, as it doesn't have privacy from the restaurant. We have mookata for dinner, perfect for child weather, but pretty time consuming to consume. Room quality is average, but the view is priceless.