Bali 2022- Page 3Album

📅 Sep 8, 2022

Stroll at Malaya Villas Ubud · 8:00 AM

Stroll around the paddy fields and places around Malaya Villas. Have in room breakfast and exploring the pool.

Visit at Suwat Waterfall · 2:25 PM

The mascot of the waterfall is a turtle, where the waterfall goes as deep as 7m. The place isn't crowded, this no long queue for photos. Not quite good for playing in the water as the water is deep. The specialty is a raft, where you can take photographs of standing on it. Entrace fee is IDR 25,000.

Lunch at La Montagne Coffee · 4:24 PM

Great view of a huge rice terrace with Mount Agong as the backdrop, but sadly the mountain is covered by thick clouds. Food is buffet (IDR 125,000), which is average.

Stay at Organic Farm and wooden bungalow in rice field · 5:24 PM

This place is out of main Sideman village, next to a rice field. The wooden room is quite nice and big, thus comfortable. With a patio and long sleeping bench as well. A really big mosquito usually becomes active around 5.30pm to 7pm. The nearest village is 10 minutes walk, but Sideman village is 2 hours walk away.

📅 Sep 9, 2022

Breakfast at Organic Farm and wooden bungalow in rice field · 8:00 AM

Though the cooking takes a long time, but the food is pretty good. Always order early if you are in a hurry.

Walk at Tangkup · 10:00 AM

Walking around the paddy field near our hotel in Tangkup, Sidemen. Beautiful countryside scenery.

Hike at Natya River Sidemen · 12:37 PM

Start the hike from Natya River Sidemen, from paddy field to a river crossing via bamboo bridge. Passing through a farm, then into another river crossing without a bridge, to Bali Countryside Sidemen (a resort), passing through some canal and finally onto a main road. From here to Sidemen require 2h by foot, and we couldn't hail any Gojek and Grab. Finally a local help us to hail a passing by lorry to go to Sidemen town. The driver ask where would like to stop, and we said anywhere in town to have lunch. Then he drove us out of town, to a restaurant by the roadside which he claimed the food is good. Now we are out of the town again. An interesting journey.

Lunch - Warung Makan Iseh at Warung Organic · 2:12 PM

Our free ride drop us at the restaurant, quite a distance from Sidemen town. This is definitely not a warung, but probably a favourite place for driver to bring there customers for lunch. You have a view of a big farm, but we can't see the mountains as it was cloudy. Food is nice, slightly expensive. Luckily we managed to hail a Gojek back to our hotel.

Dinner at Organic Farm and wooden bungalow in rice field · 7:00 PM

Soto Ayam and Nasi Goreng for dinner. The food is tasty.

📅 Sep 10, 2022

Visit at Nungnung Waterfall · 11:30 AM

This is our favourite waterfall in bali so far. There is no queue for photographs, as there are many spots and a really big area. The water is shallow, so you can get quite near to the huge waterfall. You can't swin, but a dip or enjoy a shower by the waterfall is very enjoyable. IDR 20K per person plus IDR 5K car parking. PS: we book a transport from Sidemen to Jatiluwih, with a stop by Nung Nung for IDR 500K.

Swing at Bali Jhon Swing And Coffee Luwak Pageh Gelang · 1:41 PM

A bali swing near the Nung Nung Waterfall, and there are no other customers besides us (as compared to the crowded Tegallalang bali swing). The swing is not super tall, but scary enough swung out to the top. I like the mountain and forest view, too bad the weather is cloudy. Go get to swing 2 times, one time facing outwards, and another time facing inwards. 150K per person if two person.

Lunch at Warung Sate Pan Jaya · 2:15 PM

This might be our favourite restaurant in Bali. Delicious sate babi with juicy meat. Each of us have 2 portion of sate. They also sell pepes, something like wrapped mince meat. The food is also one of the cheapest we have so far. IDR 92K - 3 pepes - 2 nasi - 4 plate of satay (9 stick per plate) - 1 coke

Stay at Saridev'i Ecolodge · 4:00 PM

One of our favourite accommodation so far. Nice design, clean, comfortable and spacious, facing the paddy field, wthin a garden. This place is just nice and comfortable. It feels good to stay here. Do order early for dinner, as the host will cook some delicious home cook meal, something out of the ordinary we tasted so far in Bali. The lady host is super friendly and talkative.