Bangkok- Page 2

📅 Nov 9, 2023

Visit at China Town · 9:00 AM

Chinatown is actually quite a huge area, probably extending beyond Yaowarat Road. I prefer Chinatown in the daytime, as are plenty of famous Chinese cuisine and Michelin Bib restaurants. There are also all kinds of markets and temples. Chinatown at night is pretty much concentrated along Yaowarat Road with its sidewalk food vendors starting their business. Most people dine here for the atmosphere.

Breakfast at Bamee Jabkang (Original) · 10:00 AM

Nice bowl of flavourful and springy egg noodle (pork). Affordable and satisfying street food.

Brunch at Nai Mong Hoi Thod · 11:15 AM

The best oyster omelette I have tasted: very crispy, less oily, fresh juicy oyster, and heavenly delicious. 200B for medium size. Feels like I need to return for more next time.

Visit at Chinese Market · 12:03 PM

Love the liveliness of street vendors.

Dessert at Nam Dao Huu · 12:18 PM

It is a modern soybean dessert shop, perfect for a hot day. They offer a variety of flavours, but taste wise seems pretty average.

Lunch at Nai Ek Roll Noodle · 1:17 PM

Warm and flavourful broth with roll rice noodles. It is simple, nice and satisfying. This place is fairly crowded due to its location, but the queue is systematic and fast.

Visit at Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi) · 2:00 PM

Beautiful temple with lots of yellow lantern.

Lunch at Khao Gaeng Jek Pui (Je Chie) · 2:18 PM

Love this street side curry rice. They have about 10 different varieties with many more side dishes. If you plan to dine in, sit down on a chair (no table) and wait for the owner to take order from you. Love the vibe, and love the flavourful good.

Visit at ICONSIAM · 5:13 PM

This mall is really really really huge. There is an outdoor park with a harbor. The is an indoor street food market, where you can sample all the street food variety in Thailand. The food market is especially crowded. And many floors of shopping and restaurant. Be prepared to spend at least half a day here.

Dinner at Somsak Claypot Crab @Lat ya · 7:30 PM

We tried this many years ago, today we return for another round of tasting. We order something more premium, Roe Crab (600B). The small crab is indeed filled with eggs, probably too much given the size. The glass noodles with the special sauce is really too tasty, probably better tasting than the crab. The flavor a bit too strong, maybe too much soy sauce. The crab is medium size, not too much meat, but fresh and nice.

Dinner at Pad Thai Narok Taek · 9:03 PM

It is a Pad Thai with many fancy ingredients. The crackers and dry cuttlefish are nice additions, but I wish the noodles are softer and warmer.

Supper at Yaowarat Toasted Buns · 10:36 PM

Too sweet, too messy with average bread. The hype is probably due to the location and the bun does seems interesting.