📅 Oct 29, 2023

Dessert at Natura Cafe · 11:24 AM

A simple garden cafe with its signature hanging plant using a fan cover. There is a restaurant and a cafe, we went for the cafe which is next to a canal. The coffee and cake is pretty decent, and just chill and relax in its surroundings. Many tourists on a boat tour do pass by the canal.

📅 Oct 28, 2023

Stay at Home16 Sukhumvit (Hostel16) · 2:15 PM

A popular backpacker hotel, if you enjoy mingling with new friends. Clean, organized and comfortable. Location might not be the most convenient, 15 minutes walk from the nearest station.

Dinner at Here Hai Restaurant เฮียให้ · 4:59 PM

Fresh, delicious and affordable seafood. Chunks of crab meat on top of an omelette, and loads of mantis prawns. I found Thailand seafood lacks a strong umami seafood taste, but make up for it in term of texture.

Dessert at After You Dessert Cafe · 7:00 PM

We got the Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori (285B), it is expensive but really good. Smooth and sweet, but not overwhelming. One of the best dessert we have ever tasted.

Dinner at Bamee Kon Sae Lee (Thonglo) · 7:49 PM

Very good egg noodle with quite a few toppings to choose from, and we choose there one with everything. This is my wife's favorite egg noodle place in Thailand.

Dessert at Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice · 8:17 PM

Really good Mango Sticky Rice: mango with nice texture and sweetness, and the rice is soft and doesn't lump together, and the crunchy stuff is real crunchy. The sticky rice here is top notch. The offer a small and big options, and you could try other Thai dessert/snack as well.

📅 Nov 10, 2023

Breakfast at Easae Coffee Shop · 10:00 AM

A simple local Chinese coffee shop to experience simple coffee and toast.

Brunch at laoteng 楼顶 · 12:05 PM

We initially thought this might be a fancy dim sum place with no substance, but we were proven wrong. The dim sum is really satisfying and delicious. Every dish is delicate and good quality. 4 dim sum and tea cost 640B.

Dessert at A Ee Wan Yen · 12:41 PM

A strange but nice dessert: sweet cold noodle. Refreshing and interesting try.

Visit at Talat Noi · 1:00 PM

It like the quaint and quiet part of Chinatown, less crowd but still interesting enough.

Snack at Khun Phu Curry Puff (Thai Pasty) · 1:30 PM

Local curry puff in an alley. Taste wise is okay, as they offer many flavors. The skin is probably not soft enough. They have all kind of snacks besides curry puff.

Snack at The Toast Lady · 2:00 PM

Order the toast with sausages: simple, cheap and nice.

Lunch at Duck Noodle House · 2:25 PM

A nice bowl of egg noodle herbal soup with duck. Nice broth.

Coffee at Mother Roaster Talad Noi · 4:09 PM

The coffee shop is on top of some old machinery storage warehouse. This place is fairly crowded and noisy. They have some specialty coffee, but we just order orange coffee with cake. It is an okay place, but not really comfortable.

Transport at Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Station (Bang Sue Grand Station) · 6:10 PM

Taking the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. If you want First class, you need to book online 30 days ahead, and it sell out really fast. First class have a special lounge with free mineral water. You can buy food to take on the train, or order dinner on the train. This first class train even have a bathroom.