Bangkok- Page 3

📅 Nov 8, 2023

Stay at W22 by Burasari · 1:35 PM

A clean and comfortable hotel. The location is very near to Chinatown.

Visit at King Power Mahanakhon · 5:00 PM

This is a popular spot to view the skyline of Bangkok, especially during sunset. Sadly it was raining with expected thunderstorm, so have to wait 2h before we could go up. The good thing is there is less crowd, but we miss the sunset and cannot walk on the glass roof. Night view is beautiful, but I guess daytime photography would be clearer. No bags on the rooftop, so need to keep it in a locker. No selfie stick too. There is nothing much to do unless you plan to chill at the bar. I think the entrance fee is 890B (might varies), and you need to book ahead if you want the sunset slot.

Dinner at Jok Prince · 8:45 PM

Love the porridge here, recommended. Simple, silky, tasty and a bit burnt (in a good way, maybe it is the bottom portion). The meatball is good. Lady boss is friendly.

Dinner at Jao Long Fish Ball Noodle · 9:44 PM

Decent fishball noodle still open for supper.